Hi John, Just a note to let you know that I have launched my Navigator. She was launched on 15th of July. My granddaughter Adryan christened her Surfbird. I didn’t sail her that day as it was quite windy outside the breakwater. I wanted a relatively light wind day to sort out the sails and rig. I did row around a little with Adryan as crew. Enclosed is a photo.

I did go sailing last Wednesday. I wanted a light wind day and boy, did I get it. Most of the time it was dead calm. I did manage to sail across the Channel, about a mile. It was mostly ghosting, with just a few gusts to make it interesting. I had to resort to oars a few times as there is quite a current here and I wanted to avoid being swept too far away with out wind to get back. I waited to write as I was hoping to get some photos of her under sail, but, that didn’t work out so here is one of the launch day row.

I am really looking to get to know her ways. I have to work out some rigging issues, the jib hangs up on the sprit boom, I haven’t got a topping lift yet and hopefully that will help. I also have a big wrinkle in the sail from forward on the yard to the aft end of the boom. I’ll experiment with different positions for the halyard on the yard.

Thank you John for a great design.
Steve Hales, Ketchikan, Alaska