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Welcome to my website, your ultimate destination for small wooden sailing boat plans and more! Whether you’re an avid sailor, a wooden boat DIY enthusiast, or simply dream of embarking on your own nautical adventure, we have everything you need to set sail on your favourite waterway. As a trusted platform, we proudly showcase an extensive collection of boat plans meticulously crafted by me, John Welsford, known the world over for my practical plans, expertise and passion. But JW Boat Designs is not just about plans; it’s a vibrant community and source of information where you can immerse yourself in our blog’s insightful tips, stay updated on exciting events, and get inspired by fellow customers’ remarkable boat projects. Join me as we embrace the allure of wooden boats and embrace the serenity of the seas. Cheers, John

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Where John Wellsford addresses common inquiries about his wooden boats, boat design process, materials, and more. Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or dreaming of owning your first wooden boat, John’s FAQs provide valuable insights to help you make informed decisions and discover the timeless allure of our boat designs.