Date: 7th-10th February 2025
Venue: Australian Wooden Boat Festival

The Australian Wooden Boat Festival stands as a highly esteemed maritime event hosted in Hobart, Tasmania in February on odd numbered years. This biennial festival serves as a tribute to the abundant legacy, artistry, and heritage associated with wooden boats. Since its inception in 1994, the festival has captivated a diverse community of enthusiasts, ranging from skilled boat builders and sailors to artisans and global visitors.

The original aim of the Australian Wooden Boat Festival aim is to celebrate and safeguard Australia’s maritime heritage, with a particular emphasis on the craftsmanship and expertise employed in constructing and preserving wooden boats. Throughout the festival, attendees are treated to a captivating display of wooden vessels from the very traditional to the most modern, spanning from majestic tall ships and classic yachts to traditional fishing boats and an assortment of other wooden craft. This grand showcase serves as a testament to the timeless allure and historical significance of these remarkable creations.