Its a long way from New Zealand to Michigan, several flights, eleven hours for the first one, and that after I’ve made it the 300 km or so from home to the airport to check in at 5 am.

But it will be worth the trip, we’ve a couple of days prepping Howard Rice’s little Heather for the small boat show at Port Hadlock in early August, then off from SeaTac airport across to Michigan and thence to the build class venue.

I’m looking forward to this, I’ve not been able to attend and help out at a SCAMP Camp for far too long.

We’re also doing the first builds of Scallywag, a bigger SCAMP type with a mizzen, a centreboard in the middle and a cabin with two berths. Thats going to be fun.

I’ll keep you posted on that one.

There will be a mast build class, perhaps some sailing, then back on the plane to SeaTac and Port Ludlow for the show, I think I’ll be doing a question and answer session, please ensure that any tomatoes you throw are properly ripe, the green ones hurt.

See you there.