Clarence River Dory

$119.00 USD

A long, narrow and super-efficient fishing boat

LOA Long version - 6.04 m - 20 ft 10 in
Short version - 5.04 m - 16 ft 6 in
BEAM - 1.27 m - 4 ft 2 in
WEIGHT Approx - 140 kg - 308 lbs
CARRYING CAPACITY up to - 1200 kg - 2640 lbs
POWER - 25 hp Outboard (max)
SPEED - 20 kts

This one began when Boatbuilder Barry Wicks came across a Guy called Mike Maskill.. Mike had recognised the dire straights that the East Timorese coastal villagers were in after the Indonesian supported militias had destroyed every fishing canoe in every village on the coast. He had started a voluntary organization to supply replacement boats to the villagers but was having trouble locating suitable boats, or even a design that would fit the needs while being cheap enough to build and freight.

I have designed a "civilian version" of the boat. I tidied her up a bit. As a design it?s a ?good un?. She will carry more load, faster on less horsepower than anything that I have ever seen. She is stable enough to stand up in, has enough capacity for a pile of people or gear, and is still light enough to be manhandled.

While the East Timorese use them to chase Tuna many miles offshore in the tradewinds swells as well as inshore fishing, I think that she is particularly suited to estuaries and swamps, tidal flats and inlets. Shallow places and fast currents, beaches and sandbars where the shallow boat with her protected motor will perform at her best.