A classic trailer yacht with serious space inside

LOA 6.4M 21FT
BEAM 2.44M 8FT
Weight 970kg dry
Ballast 450kg
Berths 4
Headroom 1.450m
Gaff Rig 21.8sqm
Bermuda 20.7sqm

Penguin designed to fill a competition brief for a family oriented cruising trailer yacht of about 6 / 6.5m long, a boat that would be easily constructed by home boatbuilders from materials that would be readily obtainable and need only simple tools. I chose to present a boat with a traditional character and a real focus on comfort, a boat that would stand out from the many hard chine boxes that would make up the bulk of the competition entry.

Penguin is based on both the construction method and the hull shape of her predecessors Rogue and Navigator and I have been very pleased with the boat that has resulted.

Working from the bow aft, she has an anchor well for stowing wet and muddy ground tackle, a good sized foredeck and hatches large enough to provide both access and an airy feeling on hot days.