Steps is coming along.
a little at a time but progress nevertheless.  With the hull and
most of the internal structure all sorted, its getting down to smaller pieces
and the small but time consuming jobs. 
Todays was to grind the edges of the chine tapes down a bit, ready for
me to run a fillet of filler along the edges and smooth things off ready for
the fiberglassing of the boats bottom.
other job today was to fill and fair the undersides of the top two lap joints,
the lowest one will have that done after the fiberglassing of the bottom.
that’s done then the skeg and the little protective guard alongside the “offcentreboard
slot” can go on, then its filleting and finishing the hulls outside, up to the
gunwale, ready for paint.
taken to masking the fillet lines. It takes a few minutes to get the tape on
but makes for a much tidier job. 
Microballoons with a little bit of glue powder mixed in does the job,
fills any little gaps and will protect the edges of the plywood planks.  I’ve run a gloved finger with methylated
spirits ( denatured alcohol) along to smooth it, that reduces the work required
to smooth it.
 Taping the bottom chines, these get more wear and tear than other parts of the boat, still have one more layer to go, that being a full sheet of 6oz cloth from the lowest chine across the bottom to the same place on the other side.  The other chines / lap joints are masked off ready for the protective fillet of epoxy and microballoon fillets to be run along them.

It pays to strip the masking tape before the goo has had time to set off hard, I’ve not done the lowest ( highest as you look at the pic) one as the glass thats going over the boats bottom will come down to that lap, be trimmed off there and only then, will the fillet go along, the intention being to hide the edge of the glass under that.
is not that far away. I’m looking forward to that. Five coats. One of primer, lightly sanded to get brush marks out, then two of high build undercoat, this wet sanded with 180 grit, then two of top coat. 
decided on rescue orange bottom, black boot top line, and pale green topsides with a hunting green or British racing green topsides strake.  Then very pale green decks
and cabin sides, same inside the boat, and a rescue orange cabin top.  Yes, I want to be easily found if need be,
I’m hoping to take this boat a long way from her home port.
between doing things with sticky stuff on Long Steps, I’m making recovery guide
wheels for Spooks trailer, at present there is nothing to hold her straight as
she comes up the trailer,  so some mods
there, and a chest of drawers to replace the MDF chest that fell apart, that’s
my pantry in the big ship. I’m getting ticked off with not having somewhere to store
provisions so it was beyond time I did something about it.  Two sheets of 12mm
construction ply, lots of screws and a big bottle of glue have gone into it so
far, nearly done.
 Indy thinks that all work and no play makes both of us dull people. “Well, throw it then”.