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Tiny boats, tenders and dinks
Scraps   A tiny but burdensome tender
Kiwi PDR   More fun for your dollar than anything else you’ll find
Roof Rack   A tiny load carrier for the smaller yacht or launch
Tender Behind   Seriously seaworthy yacht tender
Fish Hook   A Simple skiff - carrys a pretty big load, very stable
Sherpa   A little load carrier that can become an explorer
Norse Praam   Traditional style in a small boat  *
Sports Rowing Boats


Simple stitch and tape performance under oars or outboard
  A bigger "Seagull" with a sliding seat option
  A modern version of a classic round sided dory
  Simple, sweet and super seaworthy
Small, open sailing and general purpose boats
Long Steps   Big sister to the popular Walkabout.
SEI   A sweet little double ender.
Saturday Night Special   Quick build, quick sailor, the most boat you'll get for your buck.
  A miniature flattie for the kids   *
  Speed, but not at the expense of comfort
  Simple seagoing transport
  One version sails, the other catches fish
  Daniel was about 12 and deserved his own boat---
  Sail her, go fishing, or go exploring under oars
  Row,  outboard or sail,  with classical lines
  Sailing with stability, and fun
  A simple skiff for the duck shooters
  Serious,  a sailing dinghy with space to sleep two or daysail four
Cyber Cafe
  Stylish tearaway for the teenagers  *
  You liked the kids Optimus trainers,  here's a grownup version *
  A smaller plywood version of the English surfboat: row, motor, or sail her *
  Just for fun, but so much fun with her square topsail and her plans even include a cannon
  A really popular daysailer and cruising dinghy
  A Cruising Dinghy for the Maine Island trail
  Family Daysailer or Adventure Cruiser
  This design has been a long time being born
  A clinker built double ender in the traditional Navy style
Boats with cabins and sails
  Trailerable Coastal Cruiser
  Ocean going, small and affordable, and exceptionally tough.
  A tough little cruiser for one or two
  A mighty, miniature long range cruiser
  A Performance sloop , or a cruising yawl with two  bunks and a space for the cooker
  A big dinghy with a gaff rig and space to camp aboard *
  The littlest practical cabin cruising yacht
  A classic trailer yacht with serious space inside
Power Boats
  Coastal fishing or netting in the estuary
  A long, narrow and super efficient fishing boat
  A Planing runabout with classical grace
  Designed as a steamboat, but she'll drive along nicely with a lawnmower engine

Designs with * are designed by Stuart Reid  of Reid Design but supplied
and supported by John Welsford Small Craft Design.