by John Welsford - NZ $110

LOA 3.7 m - 12 ft 2 in
BEAM 1.5 m - 5 ft
SAIL AREA 7.5 m' - 80.25 sqf

One of my favourites

Stuart had the original at a regatta where we wee swapping boats back and forth to try others ideas. I took my own then very new to boating wife out for a spin. Wonderful, sitting down next to the centrecasewith only her head and shoulders showing above the foredeck she was comfortable, warm and dry on what was a fairly cool brisk day. I had a great time chasing other boats around. You know, two boats in site of each other make a race?

I can tell you Opdmus Maximus is no slug!

Designed to be a club trainer among a fleet of real Optimists, with a hull shape and rig the 'kids' could relate to and able to carry an adult instructor with a couple of students, the boat has turned out to be a lot more that just a trainer and is both a very capable little cruiser and a speedy and agile daysailer.

Plans prices include packaging and an allowance for surface freight. If you would like a faster means of delivery we can send by courier or airmail at extra cost. All credit card sales are in New Zealand Dollars. If you pay by check, you may use the price in your prefered currency as below.

Note that we sell sails and are pleased to quote a freight inclusive price to anywhere in the world, we have tan or white, the sails come with sailbag, one reef and are completely ready to go. Prices fluctuate slightly so we prefer to quote each sail as the demand arises but you can bet that we are competitive even with the freight included.