by John Welsford - NZ $96

LOA 2.3 m 7 ft 8 in
BEAM 1 m 3ft 3 in

The hunter's workhorse

Duckshooters are an odd category of boat owner, not really boaties but having very special needs they often use whatever will float to get out to the marshy wilderness where they ply their trade. Duck punts need to be light for transportation on a roofrack or garden trailer, stable and burdensome so that the three or four heavily laden men with their dogs can be carried in safety, able to cope with the short nasty chop that lakes often throw up and able to perform under both outboard and oar.

This simple sheet plywood boat does all of that. Built from construction grade plywood to keep the costs down she is sturdy enough to cope with the abuse that is often dealt out to a boat which carries big loads in adverse conditions for a few weeks, then is left upside down until the following year.

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