by John Welsford
LOA 3 m 9ft 3in
BEAM 1.2 m 4 ft

The simplest possible skiff

Built from plywood with stringers over two temporary frames with the stringers outside this boat has a completely clean interior to avoid sand and dirt accumulating inside. There is only a little in the way ofcosthere, and you get a lot for your time and money.

She rows well, she has a simple sprit rig, no need for expensive sailcloth here but there is plenty of area which gives the boat a surprisingly good performance.

While many "Adeile " are seen anchored out near the point, a contemplative figure watching a line over the side this is just about the perfect first boat for the young. Imagine the kids, swords in belts creeping up the estuary, pirates around every corner in the river, the big house on the bluff a fort bristling with cannons and the ice creams in the shop at the bridge the ultimate treasure!

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Note that we sell sails and are pleased to quote a freight inclusive price to anywhere in the world, we have tan or white, the sails come with sailbag, one reef and are completely ready to go. Prices fluctuate slightly so we prefer to quote each sail as the demand arises but you can bet that we are competitive even with the freight included.