Mike Parker & Alison Day
Date: 2005/02/13 Sun PM 09:41:36 GMT+13:00
To: John Welsford <>
Subject: New Rogue

Hi John,

Thought I should send you some photos of my new Rogue, launched just a couple of weeks ago after a marathon 3-and-a-half year build (nothing to do with craftsmanship or attention to detail, just a young family and demanding job!). Three generations (my parents, my wife, my two sons and I) watched the boat (no name yet!) get wet for the first time and be inexpertly rowed around while I checked that it would indeed float right side up.

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The subsequent sail (see pics) was not blessed with much wind though this at least gave me the opportunity to fix a couple of things before venturing out in more interesting conditions. Since the launch day the boat has carried my father (almost 70), my wife and older son (5) on short sails in comfort and I´ve also managed a 4-hour cruise (singlehanded) in mixed conditions with no problems at all. The boat is spacious, stable and inspires confidence under sail, all the qualities I hoped for in a family boat when I chose your design
- thanks!

Mike Parker