A 6 Metre Whaler Down Under

Progress report.

Getting close to finished now, the as yet unnamed Whaler is looking really good, watch this space for launching day pictures!

I have to say that if there is anyone wanting to have a small boat built, repaired or restored, that Peter has done a lovely job of this and the several boats of his that I've seen. Great work, you'll find him here.

Peter Murtons is a builder and restorer of small boats. He and Angela run a small motor camp just outside Wellington, well within range of the Cook Straight ferry and Wellington International Airport. It’s a nice place, has chalets to let as well as caravan, tent and RV parks. AND! A really neat workshop where Pete works rebuilding old boats and occasionally building new ones. As I write he is building one of my 6M Whalers for a local client, and has one of my rowing boats to do after that.

Anyone wanting a small boat built give Peter a shout, anyone travelling in the area do consider them . Their accommodation is delightfully informal and their hospitality hard to beat.

Go to the link below and have a browse, I was very pleased to spend an afternoon puttering around in “No Catchem” a while back, have had a good look over the property and admired the views, the boats and the atmosphere.

Top people, top place!


John Welsford.