A letter from Stephen Paskey to John Welsford upon receipt of his set of Walkabout plans.

Hi John: The drawings got here a few days ago. Meant to drop you a line but it's been crazy here.

A very nice package: the boat is perfect, and everything seems well-detailed and clearly presented. I like the way that you did the connections between tiller and rudder -- reminds me of something I saw not long ago on an old drawing of a canoe yawl, I think from WP Stevens' book, except that the lines were above deck on the older version.

It was nice to hear that you've already sent out at least six sets of plans. I'll be interested to hear of the others, as I'm not going to be the first one in the water. Realistically, I hope to begin building some of the smaller bits in the basement (frames, rudder, daggerboard, spars, etc.) in October and November, after I've got a workroom for myself in the basement. (December through February are the coldest months here.) Come spring I'll move outdoors and finish.

Thanks again for agreeing to do this!

Stephen Paskey