21 November, '05

I’ve several other projects on right now so keeping my drawing board ahead of Charlie has meant that it’s a busy time, but his wife is here in New Zealand to visit and that means he’s otherwise occupied this weekend. He’s up to the transom frame now, having completed all the others and the stem, so we’re close to setting up for stringers and planks. Look out for the next instalment of the “Diaries”.

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After that, it’s a dash off to Barts Laminated Timbers in Cambridge about 15 km for here and a couple of hours on the big 25 hp bandsaw ripping the baulks of Fijiian Kauri down to stringer and planking size. Thats got to be worth a six pack and a couple of bottles of good wine to the boss there! Thanks Malcom.

Not much to show as yet, just a big pile of odd looking components standing in the corner of the shop, so I had some of the drawings scanned today, and have posted the drawing of the midships frame below.
The galley is to port, and the chart table to starboard, and the frame/bulkhead will be extended upward to fit the cabin sides and top once the boat is upright.

We have boxes of odd things like portholes and fittings turning up in the mail, Ebay seems to be a good source for all this stuff, and Charlie is using hardwood offcuts to make the mooring cleats and sail ties in his “spare time”. I’d say that by the time we have something for him to bolt things to most of the fittings will have been found.

Spring is well and truly here, and the shop is getting some days, we have the big doors and the windows open and its lovely mild weather. Perfect for curing glue.