New Office update...

I am now working from my new office, unfinished as yet but weatherproof and with a temporary electrical supply. It gets better each day as I erect shelves and build furniture, plant trees and make paths. I have yet to put up the ceiling , and am still working on tool racks and shelves in the workshop.

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The building, that's the office in the smaller section. The building is angled to catch the sun, my drawing board is on the south side so I dont get direct sunlight on my workspace (remember that this is the Southern Hemisphere.

For those interested, this steel framed building method is frequently used here for agriculture and industrial buildings , it costs a lot less than most other methods and is both durable and comfortable. We'll be doing the house the same way but more windows and some feature walls in stone.

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Planting some of the over 2000 native New Zealand trees and shrubs that will form a songbird garden that we hope will attract some of the endangered New Zealand bird species. We have just under 2 acres here and will be building our new home just to the right of this view, and our Daughter's home about where the camera was in this view.

The idea is , lots of trees with walkways, courtyards and terraces , no lawns, just a peaceful and sheltered environment.

Stats, 100 SqM floor area, 26 sq m office and 74 sq m of workshop. Industrial weight reinforced concrete floor, steel portal frames with clear spans 2.2m studs and 5.2m high in the center. All coloursteel corrugated iron cladding and aluminium window and door joinery. The “shop” has a 3.6 x 2.4m high door at one end, lots of light through four clearlights in the roof, and two windows that face the winter sun.Itsl lined with aluminium foil lined tar paper which spread the light around very well and reduces heat radiation off the walls.

As I write I have a mezzanine almost finished to take all out furniture and such until the house is built, a bench with heavy woodworkers vices each end, and some shelving up but the place is still jampacked with furniture until the storage is organised.